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SoundTouch source code repository

The latest SoundTouch source codes are available online in a Subversion repository hosted at a SourceForge server at URL

You can acquire the source codes from the Subversion repository by one of the following ways...

1. Download the latest source code snapshot

Download the very latest automatic source code snapshot file package.

2. Browse the repository with web interface

Browse the repository online through the web interface.

3. Using TortoiseSVN client (Windows)

  • Use TortoiseSVN client software to check out the repository using this URL (see picture below):

SoundTouch repository checkout settings

Check out SoundTouch source codes If you have TortoiseSVN client already installed in your computer, you can check out the source codes also by clicking the turtle picture beside!

4. Using Subversion command line tools (GNU)

Check out the source codes with the following command:

svn co soundtouch

5. Using KDESVN tool (Linux)

  • Install the KDESVN tool with your package manager, and open the repository:

  • Then, check out the repository to the selected target directory:

Submitting modifications

If you make changes to the routines, please send modified source files by email to address .

If you wish to commit modifactions directly into the repository, please register as a SourceForge user and send an email to the above address to ask for access rights for the SoundTouch Project.

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