Why to register PaceMaker?

Creating and maintaining the PaceMaker plug-in have however required a considerable effort, so if you're enjoying using PaceMaker, you hopefully wish to support the development work by registering your copy of PaceMaker against a small registration fee.

Please notice that using PaceMaker for any commercial or professional use will require registering.

Good reasons to register your copy of PaceMaker plug-in are:

  • If you find PaceMaker useful or fun
  • If you're using PaceMaker on constant basis
  • If you're using PaceMaker for any commercial or professional use.
  • If you wish to support the PaceMaker development !

What will you get by registering

After paying the registration fee, you'll receive a registering code for PaceMaker with your own name (or any other name or label you wish to register it to). Registering the PaceMaker plug-in will also:

How to pay the registration fee

You can pay the registration fee by one of the following methods (click the links for more information):

  1. Pay securely online with your Credit Card or PayPal account
  2. If you live in an European Union country, you can pay with free €uro bank transfer
  3. If neither of the above choices suit you, mailing the payment is the last choice.

Do you have any questions about the registration? Please feel free to ask for more information by e-mailing <support@surina.net>.

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