About Euro bank transfer

If you have a bank account in European Union country, you can pay the PaceMaker registration fee from your own bank account without any extra transaction costs. To do so, please send an e-mail to the address <support@surina.net> with the following information:

We'll then contact you back and send the bank account information for the payment. You'll receive the registering code in e-mail as soon as the payment has been verified, usually within few days

The banks operating in EU countries have been obliged to complete money transfers between EU countries without additional transaction fees compared to domestic bank transactions [regulation (EC) No 2560/2001].

Terms of usage

You can use the registration code to register the PaceMaker plug-in for your name in the computers you're personally using. You're not authorized to publish or give the registration code to other parties.

Registering PaceMaker will authorize to use the PaceMaker plug-in for commercial/professional use by one person in one computer at a time.

The registration fee may be subject to changes due to changes in currency exchange rates.

Please feel free to contact the author in any case of confusion of these terms.

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