PaceMaker is a plug-in module for WinAmp and MediaMonkey players that controls how the music sound as it's playing. That is, PaceMaker is able to...

  • Speed up or slow down the music tempo without affecting the music key (pitch)
  • Change the music key (pitch) without affecting the tempo
  • Change the music "speed" (playback rate) as if vinyl records were played at higher or lower speeds than rated
  • Attenuate singing vocals in songs while still playing the instrumental music
  • Do all of these at the same time.

PaceMaker main window

Ok, sounds rather nice but why would anyone wish to do that?
  • Someone may find listening to Elvis the chipmunk entertaining.
  • Cyber caffeine : Listening to punk rock with some 20 % additional tempo is roughly equivalent to drinking a full pot of coffee.
  • In addition, it's turned out that there are also "useful" applications for PaceMaker:
    • Slower music tempo eases practicing music
    • Change the music key to match the singer's voice (karaoke, singing practice)
    • Dancers can change the music tempo suitable for dancing
    • Adjust music key instead of retuning instrument for each song
    • Listen 78 RPM vinyl singles with a usual 33/45 RPM disc player
    • Transcribe tunes
    • Write down dictations
Calvin Dancing

Hmm... fair enough. Where can I get it ?

Here! Just go to download page.

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