PaceMaker plug-in FAQ



3.1. Can't install PaceMaker into my PC

I'm trying to install PaceMaker by running the install file, but I get warning "Unknown publisher - are you sure you want to run this program?" Is it safe to run this program?

That's warning is due to PaceMaker does not have registered Microsoft developer status (that o$t mon€).

However, you can safely run PaceMaker installer file (pacemaker.exe):  dozens of virus scanners give it clean records at

You've downloaded PaceMaker installation file, run it, but PaceMaker doesn't seem to appear on Winamp player...

If you can't see the PaceMaker controller window on your screen (see here for example how it looks on the screen), please notice that you've to activate the PaceMaker plug-in in Winamp preferences. See the PaceMaker documentation for instructions how to activate PaceMaker in Winamp preferences.

Other than that, ensure that you have the latest available version of Winamp player and PaceMaker plug-in.

3.2. PaceMaker window appears on the screen but it doesn't seem to have any effect to the music

  • Ensure that you've latest version of Winamp player, older versions of Winamp did not support using dsp plug-ins e.g. with Windows Media Audio (WMA) files
  • PaceMaker doesn't work with DRM-protected ("Digital Rights Management") music: If you have purchased protected music on a web stores such as DRM-protected WMA files, they do not work with PaceMaker because Winamp does not routine DRM-protected audio data through dsp plug-ins, obviously as an attempt to prevent capturing and encoding the audio in unprotected format. As a workaround, encode your music in non-protected audio file format.
  • MIDI: PaceMaker doesn't work with .mid files at all because the aren't sampled digital audio data but instrumental sequence files.

3.3. PaceMaker crashes ...

Ensure that you have the latest available version of Winamp player and PaceMaker plug-in - some older versions do not work properly e.g. with Windows Vista. 

This document was updated in January 2009