PaceMaker plug-in FAQ

Known issues

Current known issues in PaceMaker v2.4 plug-in:

  • PaceMaker may not work with DRM-protected ("Digital Rights Management") music: If you have purchased protected music on a web stores such as DRM-protected WMA files, they do not work with PaceMaker because Winamp does not routine DRM-protected audio data through dsp plug-ins, obviously as an attempt to prevent capturing and encoding the audio in unprotected format. As a workaround, encode your music in non-protected audio file format.
  • Shortish delay (order of a seconds or two) before the music reacts to changes made in PaceMaker control window : That's due to Winamp keeps a buffer of a couple of seconds to prevent skips on slower systems. As a work-around, go to Winamp preferences, output plug-in configuration, and reduce the 'buffer length' value.
  • Slowing down MP4 / AAC produces static noise artifacts that are due to Winamp AAC decoder not allowing slowing down music from original. However, PaceMaker v2.4 can adjust pitch and speed up also AAC sound files.
  • Sound quality gets worse when tempo or pitch is changed by larger magnitude: PaceMaker does rather heavy processing for the sound to achieve the desired tempo/pitch scaling, and this process always introduces certain artifacts in sound. Typically the artifacts get more noticeable with larger tempo/pitch scaling factors.
  • PaceMaker window doesn't have a close button: Winamp player doesn't allow plug-ins to close themselves. See the chapter "Activation & Unistallation" in PaceMaker user documentation for how to close PaceMaker.

This document was updated in January 2009